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Recovering revenue without stripping debtors of their dignity.

The Colmed Advantage

Who is Colmed Debt Administration?

Marc and Mercia have been in the debt recovery industry since 1999. They invested heavily into this trade and have built good relationships with the clients they served. They earned the respect of all the clients they served over the years. They are known for their integrity, ethics, and have accumulated vast knowledge in the trade and certainly have much to offer the industry.

All that knowledge and experience is built into a state-of-the-art software solution which serves as the backbone of our debt collection strategy.

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Our Call Center

Since we focus on medical and educational accounts, our agents are trained to deal with the emotional nature of these industries.  They are trained to understand medical aid billing tariffs and also liaise with medical aids and other third parties on behalf of debtors.

We’re a large call-centre with a staff compliment of 70 people and can handle any volume of accounts. We employ people of all ethnic backgrounds and thus can communicate in all of South Africa’s national languages. Each of our agents is registered with the Council for Debt Collectors.

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Debt Collection vs Attorneys

Some older, more traditional debt recovery agencies use antiquated methods that may have been effective in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Being big and old in their ways they find themselves in a position where it is practically and financially challenging to adapt to more up-to-date information technology.

When a client decides to pursue their outstanding debts, they have two options

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Free ITC Listing

In the event we are unable to recover debt, the debtor is listed on a national credit bureau at no cost to the client. By listing non-paying debtors on the national credit bureau, the debtor will find it challenging to acquire credit from any South-African bank or other financial institutions. The debtor would have to settle his debt with us before he is removed from the national credit bureau.

In the event of bigger outstanding amounts, should our client wish to proceed with legal action, our attorneys will gladly add legal assistance at very competitive rates.

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Cost Advantages

The average debt collection commission rate in South Africa ranges from 20 to 50% depending on the number of days the account is outstanding.

Employing technology effectively allows us to minimize our overheads which in turn positions us to offer our clients a commission rate of just 17%.

Based on volumes, we are willing to negotiate even lower rates.

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In partnership with a leading South African telecommunications company, we’ve turned the old-fashioned outbound call centre into an inbound call centre by means of a product called Robocall.

Debtors whom we have not been able to make positive contact with are passed from our system to Robocall. Robocall automatically dials the contact numbers of each debtor.

When a call is connected, Robocall forwards the call to our call centre. The first available agent retrieves the call and negotiates a payment arrangement.

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Our Software

Our workflow is fully automated by our state-of-the-art software, which allows us to be unique in our approach to debt collecting.

Every step in our debt collection cycle is initiated and instructed by the software. Our agents are always engaging with debtors, idle time is eliminated, and nothing is missed in the process.

Our system runs its background processes around the clock.

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Data Import

We can import any number of accounts within seconds. You can simply export the debts we need to action from your software. For our smaller clients, receiving PDF files is not an issue at all. Our representative will collect these accounts from your office, and our data capturing team will add these accounts to our system in no time.

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The easier you make it for debtors to pay, the better your chances of getting payments quicker.

Our software is fully integrated with multiple payment methods, including Easypay, Realpay and Payfast, and we accept payments to our trust accounts at the major South African banks.

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Reports & Insights

The reporting the system provides, allows us to make quick decisions.

Every action taken by the system is logged. This extensive reporting ability enables us to gain insights into areas for improvement.

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Payment Integrations

Making it easy for debtors to make payments is vitally important, so for their convenience we provide multiple payment options and methods.

Easy Pay allows debtors to make payments at the till points of many popular stores that can easily be found anywhere in the country. Some examples are PEP, Spar, Checkers and Pick & Pay.

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Points of Contact

Our online software facilitates quick and easy communication between client and our client support team with an easy message system. This reduces the need for phone calls and emails from you to us.

Each of our clients is assigned to a dedicated client support liaison with intimate knowledge of their client portfolio. Each time you contact us, you’ll speak to the same dedicated and familiar person.

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Colmed Debt Administration (Pty) Ltd. recovers outstanding and dubious accounts for clients in the medical and education sectors.

We go about recovering outstanding debt in a strategic and tactical way, employing technology to ensure optimal returns.
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